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Registered Heritage Structure Restoration Grants

A structure must be designated a Registered Heritage Structure before its owner is eligible to apply for a Registered Heritage Structure Restoration Grant.

Restoration Grants are meant to aid in the initial preservation and/or restoration of exterior features only. Items covered under this grant may include labour, shingles, windows, doors, clapboard and architectural details. 

The maximum amount that may be allocated is $50,000 per structure, minus any grant monies previously received. All grants are awarded on a 30/70 basis. The possible maximum project breakdown is as follows:

  • Project total = $166,667 maximum
  • Applicant's contribution at 70% = $116,667 maximum
  • Restoration grant at 30% = $50,000 maximum

Significant community owned structures such as active churches, lodges and public buildings (not privately owned) may receive three (3) grants of $50,000 per structure, minus any grant monies previously received.

Registered Heritage Structure Restoration Grant applications and Registered Heritage Structure Designation applications can be submitted at the same time.

Applications are reviewed by the Foundation twice per year. The deadlines for submitting restoration grant applications are March 1st and August 15th.

NOTE: If a structure has previously received a Restoration Grant for the preservation and/or restoration of an exterior element (ie. clapboard, wooden windows and doors, roof, etc.), future Restoration Grants will not be approved for these elements. Instead, an application for a Maintenance Grant must be submitted.

If you have questions about the granting process, contact Michael Philpott at 1-888-739-1892 ext 3.

Click here to download applications.